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Season One 

First Street Playhouse Comedy Festival
New Year's Eve Gala 2006
The Diary of Ballpark Frank
Acid Reflux: Gone Wild! 
A Night of Hilarity
The Fox Funny Fest
Batavia Windmill City Days
Harry Potter and the Order of the Wenis

Season Two (2007)

Pirates of the Campanabean
Weird Atomic Vampirates that Feed Off Human Hair
Unaccompanied Miners

Season Three 

Acid Reflux: Former Child Stars
Acid Reflux: As Seen on TV
Acid Reflux Gives Back
The Acid Reflux Hour
Acid Reflux: The Next Generation

Season Four 

Christmas Campanaganza! 
Acid Reflux On Ice
New Year's Eve Gala
Time Out! Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux in Wonderland
Acid Reflux Gives Back...Again
Chicago Improv Festival Teen Comedy Fest

The Acid Reflux Hour: LIVE! 

Season Five 

Acid Reflux Sucks on Broadway
Untitled Spring Sketch Revue
Acid Reflux Fifth Anniversary Spectacular